About us

UAB “LAURIMETA”was established in 2002. The company is located near the road Vilnius - Trakai at 18th kilometre.
The company’s business include the collection and dismasting of end-of-life vehicles, retail and wholesale of used parts.

European, Russian, American cars, vans, off-road vehicles, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, truck cranes, excavators, tractors, and other vehicles are:

1. Bought up in Lithuania and abroad.
2. Sold in Lithuania, exported to EU, CIS, Asia, Africa.
3. We sell used parts in Lithuania, we export to EU, CIS, Asia, Africa.
4. We transport vehicles and other goods by railway transport to CIS and Asia.
5. We perform vehicle transportation and storage services.
6. We invite natural persons and legal entities to cooperation in Lithuania and abroad.

UAB “Laurimeta” make discounts to loyal customers.

The company has the Hazardous Waste Management License No.000472.